Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Glasses

Here's a picture of us with our brand new glasses we picked up today. I don't know how often I'll be seeing Dave's new glasses since he almost threw up after wearing them for 5 minutes. Maybe a waste of money but he looks so handsome. I'll just have to get used to his dentist loops!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, to celebrate our two wonderful years of marriage we decided to take a vacation to Mexico. So bright and early the Saturday after finals we headed to the airport all packed and ready to go. Opps! Only the Pringles would head to Mexico leaving our passports at home, 45 minutes before our flight took off. Thanks to our wonderful friend Tyson, who answered our phone calls at 6am and drove like crazy to bring us our passports, we were able to make the flight. We even had luggage when we got there! We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Hotel, who kindly left us a bottle of Champagne to help us celebrate. (We left a nice surprise for the next guests!)

We started the first day off with a bang, jet skiing through a Mangrove forest to a nice little coral reef. We stopped and did a little bit of snorkeling. Then we went back through the Mangroves hoping to catch a glimpse of the alligators that inhabit the area. When we returned, Dave headed straight to the hotel pool (which was approx. 5 ft deep) to do a 30 minute beginner scuba lesson.

Monday we were off again, to Cozumel for a day of Scuba in the coral reefs. Our first dive was a little scary; poor visibility with a strong current (I was having flash backs to my last terrifying drive in Monterrey!). But we were able to swim through the murky water and strong current to a small reef. The second dive (approx. 50 ft) was an absolutely amazing experience. We drifted along a thriving coral reef, seeing tons of huge fish including two eels and a few puffer fish! We didn't want to leave but Dave's huge lung span ensured that he was the first of the group to run out of air and we all had to surface. (Party pooper!) But overall a wonderful scuba experience, that 30 minute lesson paid off!

We spent the rest of the time laying out by the gorgeous hotel pool, haggling at the flea market and took a nice para sailing ride above the ocean. All in all, our favorite vacation!