Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sassy Store Special

I have one bag left to sell and I'm selling it for a deal! $35 for this bag and wipes case, e-mail me if you're interested. Or you can buy it off my site here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Rare Moment

Sunday night Oakley went down without a peep at 7:30pm only to wake up at 11pm in the happiest mood. She was delighted to go back and forth between mom and dad, giving us kisses. Needless to say I'm looking forward to our next midnight rendezvous:)
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Momma's Girl

Blogging has taken a back seat to napping and projects. Being pregnant with a toddler is no easy task, in any case here's a few things we've been up to.

Oakley's personality is really starting to show through these days. She is very demanding!! Anything she wants really bad is a "baba". That can range from her blanket to halloween candy. She is saying a lot though. She can say and sign "please" when asked. She always says and signs "more" when it comes to snacks and asks us to turn on her "moo-me" (movie) when we get in the car. (Yes, I have our DVD player going constantly in the car- I gave in. Car rides were just a scream fest before we came to this compromise.) Other words she's saying: bracelet (the girl loves jewelry), car, dogs, thank you, pumpkin, blanket, sippy, cracker, snack, fish, ball- just to name a few. She's at the point where she's saying something new everyday. Oh and shoes, she loves shoes. Last night she pulled out her boots and insisted on wearing them over her PJ's while I was sorting clothes before bedtime. She LOVES shoes, just like her mommy:) She definitely says "mommy" ALL the time. Right now Oakley is a serious momma's girl. Tonight, when Dave and I were putting her down to bed she practically jumped into my arms from his and then continued to push him away while we were trying to say a family prayer and sing a song. Poor Dave!! Its too bad she doesn't understand that daddy is a lot more fun than me, but I'm sure she'll figure it out soon enough. She is much more affectionate now than she ever has been but that's not saying much. She will occasionally give kisses, only if she's in a really good mood. She will come and give me hugs and cuddle me, which is cute and much appreciated after all her toddler tantrums.

This is Oakley amongst her friends at a Halloween party a few weeks ago. She was a kitty cat. She loves her costume and still asks for it saying "kiie-ka" but she hated wearing the hood so you can't really tell what she is here. Anyway the party was really fun, I was able to live out my dream of having a "pumpkin party" with all the food being something pumpkin. Thanks to Carlee for hosting it at her lovely house and everyone else who helped out. I wish we could make this a Halloween Pittsburgh tradition but we most likely will be moving this summer:(

We had some other excitement around here when a crazy wind storm came through Pittsburgh and uprooted this big tree in our back yard. We were incredibly lucky that it didn't hit our house and just broke a few slats in our fence. After all was cleaned up I was actually really happy that the tree came down. I've hated this tree since we first moved into our house and have toyed with the idea of taking it down. Instead of paying a tree service a few hundred we only had to pay about $35 for the new fence slats and posts.

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Here's Oakley eating her lunch the other day. She insisted on wearing her $1 witch hat from Target that she's obsessed with. It became a little problematic for her since every time she sat back in her seat, the hat fell over her eyes. After about 20 minutes of this she finally let me take the hat off and place it within eyesight of her eating her PBJ.

Dave, Oakley, our tripod and I headed out to take some family pictures the other day. Our first attempt was really, really bad. Here's one cute picture of Oakley from that try. Our second attempt was much better but I'll post those pictures another time.