Monday, July 26, 2010

I knew it!

Oakley's legs haven't stopped moving since they started kicking me in the womb! And now she has become obsessed with the soccer ball Grandma bought her. She goes around the house announcing "ball" in her little trilly voice while she throws and chases after her little soccer ball. As Adam Sandler would say "She's gonna be a socca playa!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's happenin' here

Getting ready for the pool: so I thought Oakley would love the swimming pool b/c she's always laying on her belly during her bath and sticking her face in the water.

Not quite! She's not really the water baby I envisioned but she still has fun playing in her little pool.

Keeping busy: who would think those nice, hot summer days would put me in the mood for sewing. Its probably the 90% humidity that has kept me inside working on this Rag/ABC quilt and a few other things.

Cross it off the Bucket list! I've been dying to see Falling Water ever since we first moved to Pittsburgh. Its unfortunate that we waited until after Oakley was born b/c they don't allow children under 8 on the tour. So we had to switch off entertaining Oakley for 3 hours while we took separte tours.

To finish it off: We're down to the very last renovations on our house. We re-carpeted the front steps and recently refinished our basement. With just a few odds and ends left to do we'll soon be ready to sell!


after- kind of hard to see in this picture.