Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm it!

Tagged. Well I didn't even know I was playing but Michele got me! I've been officially tagged and I know that she thinks I won't play, but I'm proving you wrong Michele! Here are my crazy quirks...

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

I'm being lame- if you want to, consider yourself tagged!

1. Being fed food: I do not like it when people try to put food in my mouth. I'll eat whatever it is you're trying to give me, just let me take whatever utensil/weapon your holding and direct it myself. This is probably my quirkiest thing but I just don't like the idea of food being directed toward my face by someone other than me.

2. I can smell dirty clothes: Okay I know most people can smell when clothes are really dirty but if I've worn something more than once, I can smell it. It sounds totally crazy and it may just be in my head. But I think I just have an extraordinary sense.

3. I eat Nutella with a spoon, from the jar. In fact, I've always had such a Nutella obsession that all the girls from my freshman floor were hooked after hanging out with me. I think the quirky thing about it is I love all chocolate and I am probably the worst eater over the age of 8. Here's the clincher, I was a nutrition major. So I am completely aware of all my food mistakes but I just don't care.

4. Shopaholic: yes this one is kind of obvious and I'm sure a lot of people have this problem but you should really come look in my closet. And I actually hate wearing things more than twice. (Plato's closet loves me, I'm their best seller of barely used clothing!) If I ever go shopping and don't buy something, I get depressed. And then I have to buy anything just to feel like I was successful. Whereas most people feel good about not spending $$. It was really bad when I worked at Abercrombie but now I just try and stay away from the malls as much as possible. Its almost like a heroin addiction.

5. I'm kind of out of ideas and I need to go to bed so I'm leaving this one up to you. Yes, feel free to comment on what you think is the quirkiest thing about me. I'm sure there are quite a few if you think about it. Be nice!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick like a band-aid!

So here's my brace face...

Here are some people I work with: (L to R) Melissa, Me, Paulo, Lauren, Melessa. My job has a huge turnover rate because a lot of people work in labs in between college and grad or med school. Everyone is the picture is leaving except for me and Paulo:(

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cowboy Wedding

Camera crisis solved! I can finally post some of my pictures from my 'star' best friend's wedding in Montana (which was about a month ago).

So Emily and I have been friends ever since I was 2 years old. Our friendship started when my family moved to Ithaca, next door to the Pollaks. We lived there for 12 years. During that time Emily and I had so many adventures in the vast woods behind our house, playing with our Barbies and American Dolls, and avoiding the teasing that came with older brothers. There are few childhood memories I have that don't include Emily. We've remained friends ever since then, even after my family moved across town and we went our separate ways to college. After college Emily moved to New Mexico to do a masters degree in some type of range science. That's where she met her cowboy, Bob.

So last month I flew out to Montana, where Em and Bob were running a ranch together, to be a brides maid at Emmy's wedding. The other two braids maids and I arrived there a few days early to help out with all the wedding details. We ended up having an awesome time! We all stayed in a hotel suite together in the days leading up to the wedding, that was complete with Godiva Chocolate. Thanks to Emily's parents, we had a fun girls night out and some serious spa time before the festivities. Despite several dilemma's that came up beforehand, the wedding was beautiful! It was set in a cowboy style park that had lots of cute old buildings and signs from different places in Montana. The entertainment included a very talented country singer from Utah, Brenn Hill. And the cowboy's two-steppin' was very impressive! (Most guys I know hate to dance) I got pretty good look at cowboy culture and learned about cowboy hat etiquette. I was a little sad when it was all over, it was such a fun time! But I'd left Dave for almost a week and I missed him and the puppies. Plus, I think I'm better suited for city life!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Braces... yuck!

As some of you may already know I just got braces put on last Friday. It has been quite the experience. I never had braces growing up and I guess this is payback for all the people I made fun of (just kidding, I never really made fun of anyone). First off, there is a lot more pain involved than I imagined. The inside of my mouth looks like raw meat and I can hardly bite down on a piece of bread. Besides that I totally look like I'm 13 and feel a little dumb. Maybe now I won't have such a hard time getting the kid's meal at McDonald's. At this point I'm thinking the crooked teeth were just fine.

Well, for all of you hoping for a picture I have some bad news:) My camera battery has died and I left my charger in Montana, no joke. So I'm including a picture of my once beautiful, but a little crooked smile (mostly my bottom teeth are screwed up). No worries, I'll be sure to post an embarrassing photo or two soon enough.

This is taken back from my days as a Jurassic Park construction worker.