Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm about to lay an egg


Well it has been way too long and really, I have no excuse. I've actually been preoccupied with making ridiculous amounts of baby stuff. I guess nesting is one of those things where you're supposed to be in some cleaning frenzy but considering that's my normal state, I've taken it up a notch. I'll keep this short since I'm about to make a boppy cover (boppy is a nursing pillow for those of you who don't know). I know you can buy them at the store but I couldn't find a cover good enough so yeah, I'm making it!

I'll start off with a nice huge pregnant picture: So far I've only received one twin comment, there's still time...

So this was my first project, hair clips. Thanks to my talented friend Melanie I got hooked on making these.

Then I went to wipes cases (thanks again Melanie), and yes, I need two of them. I also made this block quilt to go with Oakley's crib set.

Then I just had to knit her a baby blanket and I learned how to make burp cloths.

So then I was onto flannel baby blankets- I've made 13 of them. (The missing ones are gifts). And I still have four more in the works! Thanks goes to Meridith on this one.
Last but definitely not least is my new diaper bag. My talented friend Amy made a super cute one and I just had to too!
This is not the end of the madness. Oh no, I've got plans for a boppy cover, diaper stacker, another knitted blanket, another crib sheet (I've made one of those too- thanks Libby) and at least one more diaper bag. I'm also planning on learning to make appliques on onesies, baby booties, bibs and a baby wipes case holder. I've got 7 weeks left and I'm going to make the best of it! Well at least I'll make the most stuff.