Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Pictures- just a little over due

Here are some pictures from Christmas that I've been meaning to post forever. Pregnancy and a toddler have kept me especially distracted.

Here's Oakley with a bucket o' farm animals from Grandpa. She was sooo excited and still loves playing with them to this day.

Here she's opening a 'Thomas the Train' set. She's also a huge Thomas fan.

This was our trip to the mall to see Santa. Unfortunately Santa is not recession proof- $25 is a little too steep for me. So we settled for the $2.50 Christmas train ride, twice. She absolutely loved it!!

Much to my surprise she actually stayed in her seat the whole time.

More posts to come, I promise. Blogging is one thing I can do while hugely pregnant and sitting on the couch!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Princess and the Pea

Here's a fun little Oakley story from Nursery. SO our ward has just switched to 1pm which means our morning consisted of breakfast, playing, lunch, nap and then church. Dave and I were both in Nursery to help out this particular Sunday. As I was about to help Oakley say a blessing on the snacks, a pea rolled out her nose and onto the table. Dave and I couldn't stop laughing!! The best part is that after lunch Oakley had taken a nap and then I changed her clothes head to toe, then we went to church. The pea definitely wasn't hiding anywhere on her clothes and had been up there for at least 2 hours!!

My little Princess- messy face and all!

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