Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer, summer, summer time

Of course with a new baby and the fun festivities of summer our blog has lacked a little. Here are a few things we've been up to lately. Note the picture and video quality isn't great. All of these pictures and videos were taken on my phone.

Oakley has taken to the water like the little half fish, half tasmanian devil she is. Today our friend Pam kindly let us invade her swimming pool. When we first got there Oakley was a little fearful and needed someone to hold her but by the end she was jumping into the pool herself and swimming all over the place. She even told me "NO" when I later tried to hold her and help her in and out of the pool. I don't think determined is a strong enough word to describe this little two year old!

Oakley climbing around on a rope jungle gym at the Ithaca Science Center. She made it all the way to the top!

Oakley's "happy face"

Oakley and Hayden riding the log ride at the zoo

Here's my little angel. Ethan is really the best baby. He's so smiley and just goes with the flow. He can even nap when Oakley is screaming right next to him. He has given me a new love of babies.

Ethan is definitely a momma's boy. He wants to see me all the time and really loves to be held. He's pretty content to sit in the bumbo and watch me cook.

He's been rolling from tummy to back for about a month now and is very close to doing the reverse. And just like is sister, he's already hooked to the TV.

All of us watching the fireworks on the 4th. Oakley was so enthralled, she actually sat still for 20 minutes!