Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And we're moving.......(drum roll please)


We couldn't be more excited. Dave signed a contract today that keeps us in Pittsburgh another two years!! We are so happy to be able to stay in such a cool city. We love where we live, we love our house (although I wouldn't want to live in it forever), we love our ward, we especially love our friends and this city. (And the Aldi's that just opened up down the street!) I'm so excited that I don't have to try and move with a newborn and we can stay close to our families. Here's to Pittsburgh and another great two years of the Steel City!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

99 Days, NYC & Good-byes

I'll start with the sad news first. We said good-bye to Lucy... forever. It was a tough decision but with another baby coming and the upcoming prospect of renting somewhere with two dogs, it was for the best. It all happened so quickly- an add on craigslist and two days later she was gone. The good news is her new family is awesome! The father wants to train Lucy to be a hunting dog. The teenage son wants her to sleep in his bed at night and the mother is really loving towards her. I couldn't be happier for her. Its a much better life than being shut in a kitchen or small backyard all day. Here's one last picture of Dave and his best friend minutes before she left us for good.

About 30 minutes after we said good-bye to Lucy it was off to The City. Dave and I were able to take a trip with no dogs and no kids (thanks to our parents) and hit the big apple for a couple days. Our real reason for going was we got tickets to The Daily Show but to make a long story short, we ended up going to The Colbert Report. Both are two of our favorite shows so we were happy with the end result. It was all thanks to two really nice New Yorkers who gave us their tickets!! Here's a link to the show we were a part of. The camera flashes past us for a microsecond so don't bother looking. As much as we love The Colbert Report when we came home and watched The Daily Show we missed, we were a little sad. Its probably the best Daily Show I've EVER seen. (Esp if you hate Glen Beck! Here's that link:)

Two days later it was time to pick up Ms. Oakley who had a blast staying with Grandma. We spent a week up in New York visiting both our families. Here's Oakley at a Bouncy House in Ithaca, she loved it!!

And 10 days later we were home. A long and eventful trip. I couldn't believe I only had 99 days left of pregnancy when we got back. This pregnancy is really flying by. Here's a picture of me at 26 weeks. Just think...I STILL HAVE THREE MONTHS LEFT!! Even though it may fly by there's no doubt in my mind that I'll be HUGE by the end.

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