Tuesday, September 29, 2009


And so it begins.... My once adored hobby-turned-obsession has turned into a little side business of its own. It started off in the strip district of Pittsburgh where I may have been a little overpriced for the area. I made more bags, boppy covers, you name it in one week than most people should ever consider making in a lifetime. My big debut turned out to be not as big as I had hoped.

So now I turn to the blogging world to see if I can get my piece of the American pie. Many of you already have a diaper bag or birdie sling or both and have no need to purchase a new one. Well that is where the GIVE-A-WAY comes into play. I am giving away one of my bags-
your choice (unless it says SOLD) to the lucky winner (I'll pay the shipping!). And how may you ask do you enter this incredible GIVE-A-WAY?? Well, all you need to do is to write a post introducing my new sassy site and post a comment below then you will have your chance at winning the bag of your choice!


Oh yeah, the deadline for entering is 10/14/09.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trot Trot to Boston...

Ahh don't you just love coming home from vacation. The huge pile of laundry, the dirty car and that random smell you can't quite pinpoint in your kitchen. Then there's the realization the your vacation is over and that looming vacation blog you have to write that no one really wants to read. But lets get real, everyone gets bragging rights so here I go...

Labor Day weekend 2009: Boston

That's right, Dave, Oakley and I headed over for a visit with my brother, Aleks and his family. We had an amazing time. Boston is probably the coolest city in the US (that I've been to). Its big with lots of fun things to do but not overwhelmingly big like NYC. Both of my parents grew up in the Boston area and its a place that I've been to visit more times than I can remember. Its always been my favorite city and after this trip, it still remains at #1. One of its best attributes is the rich history of the area that is kept alive by the beautifully well-maintained buildings. We walked part of the "Freedom Trail" which takes you around the city's historic sites. This is the Old State house in front of which the Boston Massacre occurred.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. If you have the time, just go check it out for yourself.

Here we are right outside the Boston aquarium, my favorite thing to see there. I love aquariums! For those of you who don't know, Dave actually proposed to me in an aquarium. I know, he's quite the romantic:)

Oakley and her cousin Issac. Issac's 15 months older than Oakley.

The whole crew: Thanks Aleks and Laura for an amazing vacation!

Oakley had a pretty fun time.

So here Dave, Oakley and I are all set to go on our whale watch. Sad news was that all whale watches were canceled that day due to some rough seas. Oh well, that just means we have to go back another time.

So instead of whale watching, we headed over to the North End to get some amazing Italian food. Also one of the best things about Boston... the food! The North End is basically the Italian part of Boston (this is actually where my Nana was born). And this picture doesn't really do it justice. The entire area really looks like you wandered over into Italy. The food is amazing but the best part are the cannoli. If you ever go to Mike's pastries order a "Lobster Tail". Its a puff pastry that's full of probably a pound of cream filing. Dave and I polished one of those off along with 3 cannoli. Sick huh? Also we enjoyed some good chowda (as the Bostonians would say), steamers (steamed clams) and frappes (milkshakes).

On our way back we stopped off at Dave's parents house who were kind enough to watch our dogs while we were out gallivanting. Dave's mom treated us to some portraits of Oakley. Despite the fact that she cried for most of it, we were able to get some pretty cute shots.

This little girl is now 4 months old and weighs 15.3 lbs. She's in the 95% for weight and height, yeah she's a big one!

Whew, that was a long post! Kudo's to you if you've made it this far.