Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A White Family Reunion!

The whole Fam!

The Fab Four: me and my brothers

So the weekend following Dave's 50Th birthday party, we headed up to NY again for a family reunion. For those of you who don't know, my maiden name is White (Pringle was an adjustment). So this goes without saying, it was my family reunion.

Well the last time the White family all gathered together was over two years ago at my wedding! We've had several new additions to the family since then (two nephews: Jack and Issac, and my dogs of course!). It was a fun filled weekend with lots of Rock Band, hanging out at the pool and hot tub, hiking, birthdays, dinners and more! We hated saying our good-byes, especially since my brother Aaron and his family are headed off to live in Germany for the next three years. All I have to say is trip to Europe!

So a run down of our weekend:
We started off hiking one of our favorite gorges; Treman falls state park. We celebrated my mom's birthday as well as my nephew, Jack's 1st birthday. We did a little swimming at my dad's pool and celebrated his upcoming 60Th birthday! We also decided to try and organize some family photos. It was decided to try our own luck with our cameras and a tripod. Despite a lot of crying from the kids, a car in the ditch and my mom singing BINGO to the babies while we were trying to get her picture taken; I'd say we were very successful.

It was great to get together with the whole family. I hope we don't have to wait another two years for the next White family reunion! More pictures to come...

Treman Falls

Happy 50th to Dave's Dad, Dave!

Dave's grandma, Dad, and Mom
Twin cars (ours is older by a few days)

Well a lot has happened in the past two months here and quite frankly, I've been too busy/lazy to post anything. But it's gotten to the point where I'm too bored to even look at my own blog page, so here goes. (Just a warning, there will be a few post coming up here all at once!)

So...mid-June we headed up to NY to celebrate Dave's dad's (also Dave) 50th birthday. The months leading up to this event were filled with undercover planning by Dave's mom (Lori). Unfortunately the surprise was spoiled, which often happens with surprise parties. But all together a fun party with great food, friends and family. The party still held a few surprises of its own, including some of the gifts (look for the walker in one of the pictures). We had a wonderful time hanging out with Dave's parents and it was the first time our identical cars met. Yes, we both have the same car. Great minds think alike!