Sunday, December 7, 2008

The results are in.......

So Dave and I took a nice little trip to get my momentous ultrasound this week and got some very good news. My placenta previa has gone away, the baby looks perfectly healthy and ITS A GIRL!!! So your vote really did count! Ha ha! Well I really thought I had some type of mother's intuition, I was convinced I was having a boy. I'm very happy to be wrong!
We've already decided on a name Oakley Kay Pringle. I came up with the name one day after Dave was talking about a bench instructor at school with the last name Oakley. It just clicked for both of us. Anyway, I'm including some preggo shots for Harmony even though I'm a little opposed to having my picture taken right now because of the braces.

And here are some cute shots of the girls. I'm a little nervous that Cleo is going to have some serious jealousy issues when the baby comes. She spends her time cuddling up to me every minute she can, its so cute!