Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay so the past couple of days have been a little interesting. We'll start with little miss Oakley. She is getting her first tooth!! I know... she's so big. This was discovered by none other then her daddy, the dentist. I happened to be selling crafts at the strip district and missed the initial discovery. And for some reason, that made me want to cry. (I didn't actually cry- I have a heart of stone) How could I miss such a big milestone in my baby's life? Anyway, the excitement has since worn off and I'm now realizing this just means extra crankiness. Which would be okay except for the fact that yesterday my body decided to get a vicious stomach bug. Oh yes, I mean even my toast and saltines were coming right back up. And not to be graphic but the worst thing about throwing up is the feeling that you're about to die right before it happens. Am I painting a picture for you?... cranky baby, pukey mom. And even that would have been okay IF I wasn't supposed to speak in church yesterday. So here I was trying to write my talk, not throw up on the floor and deal with the baby. I don't know why I insisted on still writing my talk (or speech), oh wait- its because my husband kept giving me the pep talk. "You're not that sick" "What would Jesus do?" "It'll only take you 10 minutes, you can handle anything for 10 minutes!" So I wrote my talk, got dressed, dragged myself into the car and headed to church. We get there and I realize, there is no way I'm giving this talk. I'm so nauseous, I can hardly stand. So my sweet husband goes up to the 1st counselor and breaks the news to him, (his exact words) "We have a code red, my wive is about to puke." Fine. Great. I get in the car and somehow drive myself back home. So back at church, Dave ended up speaking for like 30 minutes after they announced that I was "incapacitated" and wouldn't be able to speak today. INCAPACITATED!! Really they could have used a much better word. Then Dave starts getting all sorts of questions about what's going on. And to answer one of them: NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! Anyway, just a little dramatic, way more attention than this little stomach bug deserved. Today I'm feeling much better. The 1/4 cup of applesauce I've eaten today seems to be staying down and the 12 hours of sleep last night really helped. I'm still pretty tired which is why I'm blogging instead of packing for a trip that we're leaving on tomorrow. Okay, here's some pictures. After reading this long post I guess you deserve it!

Here's her tooth, can't you see it?!

Getting a picture of her tooth was not easy. She was very fascinated with the camera.

Our biking adventures

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Testimonial

Of late I have found myself obsessed, taken, in LOVE, if you will. What could it possibly be? I'll give you a hint- its something you would never expect from me (an avid Nordstrom shopper). It's CRAIGSLIST!!! I'm really not a bargain shopper (TJ Maxx gives me anxiety) and I normally wouldn't be caught dead buying something second hand. But dental school has forced me to broaden my horizons (mom- you must be so proud! But seriously I'm not switching to soy milk, just give up on that one;). Craigslist has become my new hobby, and here are a few reasons why:
  • Before moving to Pittsburgh Dave and I decided to downsize to one car. We sold my Toyota Echo (aka. souped-up golf cart) ON CRAIGSLIST in one day- for cash!!!
  • Oakley's bedroom furniture: a 4 in 1 crib, HUGE dresser, glider, trunk and bookshelf all previously used by one child. The dresser alone retails for over $400 at Babies R Us. I paid $650 for everything! (Plus she threw in a wipes warmer (a $20 value) and Dave accidentally stole her scissors- opps!)
  • Recently I've had this crazy desire to go biking. In order to accompany Miss Oakley we needed a child's bike trailer and a bike rack. Bike Trailer: Trek Go-Bug that retails for over $400, used twice; we paid $75. Bike Rack: Bell Triple-Back, new-in-box that retails for $60; we paid $30.
  • Now we've found a highchair for Oakley: Chicco Polly, used a few times for $70, retails for $150. And I have big plans to replace our refrigerator, which mysteriously keeps leaking water, for a fairly new one- only $150.

Anyway, I had to share the love (or brag). And an added bonus- a great tour of the city. We have found some of the nicest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh thanks to my Craigslist adventures. In fact our little tours have convinced us to stay here, possibly permanently. There you have it, Craigslist has changed my life. It could change yours too, I highly recommend it.

**I was not paid to say any of this**

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Isn't this terrible!? These are the only pictures we took of our baby on Halloween! We dragged this little lady bug to the dental school for a Halloween parade, a trunk or treat and then to a costume/birthday party and only managed to get these two lousy pictures of her. For the record, Oakley was a doll. She didn't mind her antenna and spent most of the time trying to eat her tulle skirt while mom and dad wolfed down her candy. Maybe next year we'll let her enjoy a few Halloween treats but for now she'll have to celebrate with some seasonal pureed squash- yum!