Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wanna be

Yes I am a follower. I have no capacity to be inventive on my own so I copy the ideas of other people and I'm about to do it again. But as a true follower, I can't do this without the approval from those whom I usually follow. You see I'm having one of those moments where I want to cut my hair- just like Katie Holmes. And I'd like to say that the idea for copying Katie is at least mine but its not. My friend Megan originally copied Katie's hair a week ago and so I'm going to do the same thing... I think. But I need all you original people to approve. SO vote on my pole- you have one week. I need this done before I'm heading out to Utah-- land of the well-put-together mommies.

Oh and I need all you hair stylists/experts to tell me if this haircut is easy to style in the AM. I mean 10 maybe 15 minutes max!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beware the Toddler

My little baby turned into a toddler overnight! Here's a little video montage Dave put together of her first day of becoming an upright mover.

A few things to note about Oakley. She can sign 'more'. I'm pretty sure she's saying "mama", "daga" (doggies) and "dada" but I'm not completely convinced. She is such a drama queen, she gets offended very easily when a toy is taken away or if she has a little tiny fall. (Probably because she knows momma reads her a story to calm her down.) She'll eat just about anything including dust bunnies. And she's seriously attached to me right now which I love and hate at the same time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Playin' Hookie

Easter weekend Dave and I convinced our friends Darren and Tiffany to skip conference and come with us to the cherry blossom festival in DC. We weren't the only ones who decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and take in the sites. The entire city was packed! Despite the crowds, missed naps, and a cranky baby we had a pretty fun time. I feel guilty that Oakley's first Easter was spent being dragged around in a stroller but I guess its better than being ignored while your parents watch TV:)

We checked out the awesome blossoms.

Saw the Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin but didn't quite make it there.

Walked a little more through the cherry blossoms with these guys.

Saw this place but didn't get an invite to the Easter egg hunt, lame.

Oakley's first day of wearing her hat. She wasn't amused.

Unfortunately this is the best picture of the two of us and Dave's eyes are closed. A role reversal for us, I'm usually the blinker. This is taken in the National Gallery of Art, my favorite place to visit in DC. (But I still haven't been to the spy museum...)

My attempt at a artistic picture in the art museum, seemed fitting.

My favorite artist of all time, Monet. Dave's least favorite, he doesn't like impressionist art.

You may recognize this one if you've ever seen my kitchen. Another impressionist artist I like, Degas.

And if you're still reading and haven't dozed off yet, here's another one of our chubby little bunny.

And here's one of her eating paper while watching TV. I know, my parenting skills are something to admire.